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We are currently seeking companies, businesses or individuals that want to sell 3D printer files, Sell 3D Models, or that offer 3D Printing Services or 3D design services. New members will receive FREE registration on this new 3D Site

Current Vendors and services we are looking for include:

  • 3D Printing Services

  • 3D Design Services

  • 3D Printer Downloads

  • 3D Printer Files

  • 3D Models

  • 3D Animation

We are currently in the process of building out our site, adding features, content, graphics, logos, etc..
However, since this is for the 3D community we are letting people join now during our construction.

We are allowing people to upload and share 3d models and 3D objects that they have created and that will prove useful for other people with 3D printers. You can share your printer files by creating a store and uploading your stl, obj or numerous other file types for 3D printers.

You can also showcase your 3D animations, 3D modeling, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality skills

We are interested in getting feedback on any issues or on any features or categories that you feel need to be added.
You can simply use the contact link at the bottom of all the pages or even post in the "The 3D Site" group.

Our goal is to provide an outlet for 3D Creators and Designers to provide 3D printable objects for anyone with a 3D printer or anyone wanting to learn about 3D modeling and animation.

Some of the other advanced feature of reselling 3D printers, consumables, services are still being tweaked, but do work.

We are a grass roots community sharing 3D files, ideas and concepts regardless of specific make and model of hardware or software. We feel that not being tied to a specific brand allows our users to focus on 3D creativity and pushing the envelope.

No Login required to look around or search for files, but you do have to create an account in order to upload printer files, download 3D printer files, purchase files or join the discussion groups.

The site is scheduled to launch in March 2018!
We look forward to your feedback and ideas.

Thank you,
The 3D Team
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