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  • Created By Properly Done
  • Created On : Apr 06, 2018
  • Views : 673
  • Category : Digital Art
  • Description : Hand Crafted -- Price includes shipping -- SIZE:13"H×18"W×20 1/2" D -- MEDIUM:Teak wood with wax finish -- Also available as 3D Model by request -- Hand craft client facing services also available by request. You think it, we'll create it. A masterpiece done with only a chisel and a hammer. Tweaked to perfection by a great artist who works as an ornamental wood carver on different types of wood and then giving them a polish, shine and a nice finish.

Profile Information

  • Best Suited for Framing, Backgrounds
  • Dimensions In Inches
  • Height 13
  • Width 18
  • File Type Other